Executive Recruitment for the Childcare Industry

BrownRichards understands the challenge of quality childcare and how quality leadership is the key to success. With decades of connections in the field and a deep understanding of best practices in early care and learning, we are uniquely positioned to conduct your executive search.

The center director and management/curriculum team are the drivers of excellence in early education programs. We know that large childcare centers and multi-site organizations often require national searches for leaders of proven ability.

Depending on your needs we can provide some, or all, of the following services:

  • Identify key indicators for candidate success
  • Write job description
  • Advertise through channels best suited for the particular position
  • Research and identify specific individuals serving in similar capacities
  • Provide salary and benefits information for comparable positions
  • Narrow candidate field to number of your choosing
  • Provide on-boarding process for new hires
  • Define assessment procedure for measuring job performance

There are other companies which offer executive recruitment for human service organizations, but only BrownRichards works exclusively in the field of childcare. Use our depth of experience to solve your leadership challenges.