Identity Theft

Fraud Resolution and Identity Theft: The Fraud Resolution services offered by BrownRichards assist employees at the inception of a fraud- related emergency and help with restoring their identity and good credit. In the event of an identity theft or a fraud-related event, the Fraud Resolution Specialists provide both affordable and expedient assistance that includes a free consultation of up to 60 minutes with a highly-trained specialist who helps with eight emergency response activities:

  1. Provide the employee with a “Uniform ID Theft Affidavit”, answer any questions with regard to completing the affidavit and counsel the employee on submitting the affidavit to the proper authorities, Credit Reporting Agencies, creditors and collection companies.
  2. Furnish the employee with separate fraudulent account forms or letters for itemizing each fraudulent occurrence and advising the employee on where to submit forms and letters.
  3. Direct the employee on where to report the fraudulent activity and how to notify the local and federal authorities, as well as the fraud departments of the employee’s creditors.
  4. Furnish the employee with contact information for the three major credit-reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.
  5. Advise the employee on how to obtain a free copy of his/her credit report now (and every 4 months thereafter), and how to place a Fraud Alert and/or credit freeze on his/her credit file.
  6. Provide ID theft victims with a free “ID Theft Emergency Response Kit”.
  7. Educate the employee on how identity theft occurs and inform the employee of protective measures to take to avoid further ID theft occurrences and resulting damage to his/her credit history and credit score.
  8. Make a legal referral to an attorney for a free initial consultation; if legal representation is needed, this attorney will provide referrals to the employee for attorneys who can be retained at 25% off of their standard fixed or hourly rates.