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Life Happens…Take Action, Be Prepared

Personal Advantage is an online, interactive resource available to help your employees build resiliency and get answers to all of life’s tough questions.

Each day, employees are faced with events that can have an effect on them, both personally and professionally.  Whether it is a child care, financial, legal, health, or emotional issue, the effects of that issue can be felt in all areas of their lives. In order to better prepare employees for the challenges they face, we have compiled information to educate and enlighten them in all major life areas. We anticipate our assessments, videos, quizzes, courses, articles, calculators, and other resources will offer your employees both assistance and comfort.

Password access makes our internet content and database available whenever your employees need them. Our online locators have core data on childcare and eldercare resources. Plus, your employees have at their fingertips more than 1.2 million work/life providers and over 6,000 articles and tipsheets, 1,000 videos, financial calculators, and more than 35 courses in health, wellness, finances, legal issues, and balanced life.

When your employees contact us, we give them targeted program profiles that are based on information we gather from a wide range of local providers. Although we do not endorse those providers, we give your employees all the data they need to make informed decisions to solve their problems. We also provide written guides and ongoing consultations if your employees need them. The good news is that control over these important decisions remains in their hands.

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The site contains content in five behavioral health categories.

Below is a brief description of each category and a snapshot of available information.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing is a substantial contributor to physical health. Stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional health issues can affect aspects of physical health such as sleep and digestion. Our Emotional Wellbeing module offers resources and information on all major mental health topics.  Some samples include: addiction, grief and loss, anxiety, autism, managing stress, eating disorders, and depression. Resources include: assessments, videos, quizzes, courses, articles, and FAQs from publishers like Krames StayWell (Harvard Medical Publications), Health Ink and Vitality, NBC Universal, and more.

Family Life

Balancing work and family is a constant battle. From child care to elder care, obligations at home can affect our work, and vice versa.  Finding the right work/life balance is key to being successful and feeling satisfied. The Family Life module gives access to tools and information to help with topics such as building a family, child care, parenting, balancing work and family, elder care, pet care, student life, and more. Resources include: articles, FAQs, videos, forms, and courses from publishers like Krames StayWell (Harvard Medical Publications), Health Ink and Vitality, and NBC Universal.


Financial stability is a goal many people share, but it can be one of the most difficult goals to attain in life. The Financial module offers calculators, forms, articles, FAQs, and other essential information to help employees become more financially savvy.  Some topics include: budgeting, debt and bankruptcy, home buying, credit repair, insurance, income tax and retirement planning. These resources are from respected publishers such as Informed Investor, NOLO Legal Press, Reed Elsevier, the Financial Planning Association, and more.


Physical health is one of the most important aspects of our lives and becomes central to daily life if it is in jeopardy. Our Health module has tools and information provided through assessments, videos, quizzes, courses, articles and FAQs.  Employees will find many important topics ranging from specific conditions to everyday health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, fertility and pregnancy, headaches, men’s/women’s health, nutrition, skin health, workplace health and much more.  Some of the excellent publishers include: Krames StayWell (Harvard Medical), Healthology, Stress Directions, NBC Universal, and Consumer Health.


Legal problems can affect every aspect of both work and home life. Whether battling a traffic ticket or going through a divorce, having the right legal information can help alleviate the stress and worry that accompanies these issues. Our Legal module has state tax forms, hundreds of common legal forms, advance directives, articles, FAQs and more.  Some of the topics include: consumer law, divorce and child care, insurance, marriage and living together, personal injury, real estate, taxes, and wills and estates from publishers such as NOLO Legal Press, Martindale- Hubbard and Reed Elsevier.

Personal Growth

Honing skills such as good communication and leadership can translate into every area of a person’s life. Our Personal Growth module contains videos, courses, and articles that help improve time management, communication skills, leadership, team building, staying positive, managing work and family, and performance management. Some of the publishers include: QuicKnowledge, Ah-Ha! Media, Krames StayWell (Harvard Medical Publications), and Health Ink and Vitality.