Eldercare Seminars

BrownRichards helps employees understand and find available resources before they need them in a crisis situation. A geriatric care manager will discuss the differences between personal care homes, nursing homes, retirement communities, home health agencies, in-home agencies, and other eldercare resources. The role of the care manager will also be addressed.
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Childcare Seminars

This workshop offers tips for single parents on how to get everything done with limited time and resources. Learn how to prevent stress overload.
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New Parent Transitions Program

The New Parent Transitions Program is designed to provide new, veteran, and adoptive parents with the tools, resources, and live support needed to balance their home and work life. The program’s intention is to help parents organize their daily expectations, create new routines, and manage all of the responsibilities that come with being parents.  Telephonic coaching sessions can be taken individually or in any combination that interests you.  Sessions include: Expecting a New Baby, Staying Home With Baby, and Balancing Work and Baby. 

Financial Seminars

Explore retirement planning that goes beyond traditional financial planning. Learn about lifelong planning for financing retirement and long-term care.  Discuss health, housing, work and leisure, and relationships to round out your planning for post-retirement living. This session gives you information and resources for present and future planning efforts and encourages you to start planning early for retirement.
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Long-Term Care: Caring for Aging Parents

People are living longer. Medical advancements are saving us from many of the major infectious disease killers of the past but chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes can mean seniors need longer periods of custodial care. With rapidly rising health costs, it is becoming more financially difficult for families to meet the aging seniors. Eldercare needs also can present logistical and emotional challenges. Explore the emotional issues surrounding decisions about home health care, adult daycare, and nursing home care. Learn how you and your loved ones can better prepare for the financial circumstances you may face when caring for an aging family member.

Planning for Special Needs Children

Unlike planning for a child who is healthy, planning for special needs children often involves providing lifetime care as well as ensuring continued quality of life for the child. Coordination of both legal and financial efforts is needed to ensure that your special needs child or dependent continues to receive the optimal level of care even after you are unable to provide or arrange for such care.

Teaching Children Healthy Money Values

Uncover ideas for instilling healthy financial literacy in your children. Should you pay your kids to get good grades? What do you say to your 15-year-old who wants a credit card because all her friends have one? How much of an allowance should you give? How can you teach children to respect the privilege of money? If you want your children to grow up being financially responsible adults, they need to learn how to be responsible with money when they are young.

Achieving Financial Success

Discuss a wide range of financial topics, beginning with goal-setting, net worth, and cash flow. Learn tips for reducing taxes and investment strategies such as dollar-cost averaging, diversification and assets allocation.

Financial Strategies for Alternative Lifestyles

Address a wide range of financial topics, with special emphasis on planning for the legal and social realities that uniquely affect gay men and women. Learn about legal documents that can help address personal financial control, joint ownership issues, and estate planning concerns.

Purchasing Your First Home

Find out everything you need to know before you buy a house. The seminar discusses choosing an agent, hunting for a home, purchasing a home for sale by owner, financing your home, getting a home inspection and addressing the continuing costs of home ownership.

College Planning

Discover the factors that college admissions counselors use when they consider candidates. Find out the factors that families and students should consider in selecting a college and strategies for gaining admission into the schools of choice. 
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Health and Fitness

Eating right and finding time for fitness is an important component of good health. Learn about healthy diets and exercise and how to keep your heart healthy. Discuss health risks, including both controllable and uncontrollable health factors.
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